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Samantha Forrest
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The team prioritised the job as we had no hot water and turned up on the date they said the would! They were efficient and clean on site...
Jean Brownlow
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Absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Chris put me at ease being a woman on my own, i felt very safe. Easy to contact by phone...
Jon Stammers
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Unbelievably good service. Everything from the initial phone call from Joanna to discuss our options, through to the visit to...

Sheffield Boiler Servicing

The Sheffield
Boiler Service

Keep your warranty in place with the Boiler Safety & Performance Inspection
(Boilers with Warranty / Guarantee)
£ 100 Annual
  • Test all safety devices
  • Flue gas analysis
  • Gas leaks
  • Gas Consumption
  • Condensate Trap
  • Extended Phone/ Video Support
  • Replacement parts or chemicals re-dosing

Cosy Home
Plus Plan

Homeowners Gas Safety check, includes boiler service parts & §system protection
(Boilers with Warranty / Guarantee)
£ 10 Monthly
  • Inc Standard Service
  • Test all safety devices
  • Parts - Gaskets, Seals, Electrodes
  • Chemical test & re-dosing
  • Extended Phone/ Video Support
  • Boiler Repairs
  • Only available for Combi boilers
Your Boiler MOT Check Ideal

Your Boiler's MOT

Our Standard Boiler Service for boilers still under the manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee. The Standard Boiler Service is the standard “Boiler MOT” test required to keep your boiler under warranty. Your boiler’s “MOT test” is focused on safety and performance. Ensuring that the boiler is safe to use, meets building regulations and has no signs of damage. 

We also offer the “Cosy Home Plus Plan” which avoids additional costs, including all other servicable parts as part of a maintanance plan.

Sheffield Boiler Service or Boiler repair - no BG

Understanding Boiler Servicing 
& Boiler Repairs

Recognising when you require a boiler service versus a heating repair is vital. Boiler servicing, akin to a car’s MOT, is an annual check-up for safety, efficiency, and performance, including replacing specified parts as instructed by the manufacturer. Mainly, a boiler service is preventive, catching issues before a complete failure, the annual MOT for your boiler!

Boiler repairs, however, are required when a breakdown occurs and your boiler stops producing heating or hot water. Our standard boiler servicing and “Cosy Plan” service plan does not cover repairs or faulty boilers, focusing instead on preventive maintenance.

Need a new boiler? Check out Sheffield Cosy Home

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to boilers. Big brand boilers for every budget!
Worcester 8000 TRANSPARENT-1

Cosy Home Plus

Installed from


inc control & protection

Vaillant EcoFit TRANSPARENT-1

Cosy Home

Installed from


inc control & protection

Sheffield Essentials

Installed from


inc control & protection

Fixed Prices for New Boiler Installation

Here at Sheffield Boiler People, we believe in trust, transparency, value, choice, and above all, quality service. With a range of quality boilers from leading manufacturers such as Ideal, Valliant and Worcester, you’re sure to find a boiler that’s perfect for your home, office, community centre or even sandwich shop (we’re not kidding)!

We believe in fixed prices – no small print, no fuss, no messing about!

Accreditted with the most trusted boiler brands

With a wide range of brands on offer, we help you make the right choice when choosing your new boiler.

SBP - Boiler Service & Gas Safety check, Nether Edge

Boiler Service & Gas Check Nether Edge, Sheffield

“I have been using this company for about 7 years now, since I purchased my boiler through them. Since then I have used them to do the servicing and gas safety certificates every year. I always receive excellent, professional and friendly service from them.”

Caroline from Nether Edge, Sheffield 

We are delighted to have such wonderful, long-term customers at Sheffield Boiler People! This fantastic review from our customer, who has been with us for 7 years, highlights our commitment to excellent, professional, and friendly service. Caroline chose us for her boiler installation and trusts us to keep her rental properties in top shape with regular servicing and gas safety checks. We love being your go-to choice for all things boiler-related in Sheffield, and we’re here to ensure you’re always warm and safe!

SBP - Boiler Service Jane Walkley

Boiler Servicing Sheffield, Walkley

“Used several times to do boiler service and gas safety check, always very professional, punctual, great customer service and really nice people to deal with.”

Jane, Walkley, Sheffield

Landlady Jane has been using Sheffield Boiler People for several years to meet her rental property in Walkley. She trusts us to carry out the essential gas safety checks, ensuring her tenants’ safety. Jane also relies on our services to maintain the heating system, keeping her tenants comfortable year-round. Her confidence in our professional and reliable service makes us very happy be her preferred choice in for gas and heating company in Sheffield. Thanks for choosing us, Jane!

SBP - Boiler Installation - Jon Meersbrook

Heating maintenance Meersbrook, Sheffield

“Unbelievably good service. Everything from the initial phone call from Joanna to discuss our options, through to the visit to quote for the work, and the actual installation with Chris was just brilliant. Friendly and very knowledgeable staff. Great value. And a free service for recommending a friend. Very happy with our experience using Hallamshire Energy.”

Jon, Meersbrook, Sheffield

Jon contacted us as he was in need of a new boiler. We were recommended to Jon by his family member, who previously had a new boiler installed by us. After offering him 4 different boiler quotes, he opted for the Ideal Vogue combi boiler with a 12-year warranty for his semi-detached family home. We’re delighted that Jon had a fantastic experience with Sheffield Boiler People, and we will be getting in touch when his annual boiler service is due. Thanks for your custom, Jon!

Sheffield Boiler Servicing - Quick Answers

Regular boiler servicing ensures that your boiler operates efficiently, reduces the risk of breakdowns, and extends the lifespan of the system. It also helps maintain safety by identifying potential issues early and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. Sheffield gets a little nippy in’t winter, best avoiding those unexpected breakdowns with a summer boiler check!
It is recommended to have your boiler serviced annually to ensure it operates efficiently and safely. Regular servicing can help prevent unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Every summer is better than leaving it until it gets cold for many reasons but certainly at least every 12 months.
A boiler service typically includes a thorough inspection of the boiler and its components, cleaning of key parts, checking for leaks and corrosion, testing the gas pressure and flow, and ensuring the system is operating safely and efficiently.
Signs that your boiler needs servicing include unusual noises, frequent breakdowns, fluctuating water temperatures, higher energy bills, and the boiler flame burning yellow instead of blue. Regular servicing can help address these issues before they become major problems.
Boiler servicing should always be carried out by a qualified professional, such as a Gas Safe registered engineer. DIY servicing can be dangerous and may invalidate your boiler’s warranty and any insurance policies.
A boiler service typically takes between 30 & 90 minutes, depending on the type and condition of the boiler and the system water that flows through the boiler. The engineer will perform a series of checks and tests to ensure the boiler is operating correctly.
We recommend boiler cover to help ensure your boiler is covered to help you avoid those cold nights and freezing showers. We’ll make sure your boiler is in top working condition all year round with our annual service. Having your boiler serviced annually also keeps your warranty valid. That means if you have any issues with the boiler, you’ll be covered by your warranty and won’t have to pay for any repairs. An annual check can also ensure that your boiler is as energy-efficient as possible.
If the Sheffield Boiler People / Hallamshire Energy have installed the boiler, we will offer you the service plans as part of the installation.
If, however, Sheffield Boiler People have not installed the boiler, we will require to complete a pre-plan Building regulations inspection. This will be a free of charge service when booked with our Standard Boiler Service. If all is as expected, we will offer a suitable service plan.
In the first instance, use the help & support section of this website to check for simple fixes.
If you are sure that there is nothing obvious at fault, please call the Sheffield Boiler People / Hallamshire Energy team for further help & support.
Most of the time, we can help get you up and running via a phone or video call. From that call, we would advise the next action. We may come round to inspect further or immediately recommend a manufacturer call out.
If your boiler is still under warranty, the manufacturers’ repair would be free of charge. If your boiler is no longer under warranty, we will quote to repair the boiler or recommend a manufacturer’s repair.
We are sorry that, at this time, Sheffield Boiler People cannot offer the repair of boilers to new customers.
However, if you are an existing customer, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Simply call the team during office hours or leave a support request on this form.
If, however, Sheffield Boiler People have not installed the boiler, we will require to complete a pre-plan Building regulations inspection. This will be a free of charge service when booked with our Standard Boiler Service.

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