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Just like Hendo’s relish, it’s hard to find somebody that hasn’t warmed to the customer service we have been delivering since we first formed Hallamshire Energy Services in 2013. Here are a few recent customers’ thoughts after choosing Sheffield Boiler People for their new boiler installation.
Samantha Forrest
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The team prioritised the job as we had no hot water and turned up on the date they said the would! They were efficient and clean on site...
Jean Brownlow
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Absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Chris put me at ease being a woman on my own, i felt very safe. Easy to contact by phone...
Jon Stammers
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Unbelievably good service. Everything from the initial phone call from Joanna to discuss our options, through to the visit to...

The Sheffield Cosy Home Range

To save you time when choosing a new boiler, we have selected the most popular boilers that Sheffield folk have to make a cosy home.
Heads up, this collection is generally suited for Sheffield homes with no more than one bathroom. All these boilers are great value with an impressive 10 years warranty/ guarantee as standard, all fitted with boiler protection & new controls if needed.
Also, to ensure you and your new boiler get along, all SBP installations include a free 90 days of homeowner help and support from our friendly staff.

The Sheffield Cosy Home Plus Range

For Sheffield homes wanting the best combi boiler for power, efficiency and long warranties/ guarantees, we recommend these premium boilers from the UK’s largest brands. With outputs up to 38KW, 40kW and even 50kW, these top-of-range combi boilers have the power to run 2 showers if needed and warm most domestic homes.
Also, to ensure you and your new boiler get along, all SBP installations include a free 90 days of homeowner help and support from our friendly staff.

The UK’s Biggest & Most Trusted Boiler Brands

Fixed priced boiler installation, including combi boiler, standard flue, boiler protection & controls. Manufacturers Warranty / Guarantee Registration, 
Gas Safe Notified, 90 days Help & Support included

Install prices start from


Vaillant EcoFit TRANSPARENT-1

Install prices start from


Worcester 4000 combi boiler

Install prices start from


The Worcester Bosch Boiler Range

Our Worcester Bosch boiler range includes the Greenstar 2000, 4000 and 8000 combi boilers. The 8000 Life & Style models can warm the largest Sheffield home, while the 2000 & 4000 options are for smaller properties with no more than one bath/ shower.
Sheffield Boiler People ( Hallamshire Energy Services ) have been proud WAI ( Worcester Accredited Installers ) since 2015. Learn more about Worcester Bosch boilers and our WB options here.

The Vaillant Boiler Range

Now for the good folk of Sheffield, we only install the best Boiler brands. If you think the Germans make good cars, well, they make better boilers! Vaillant is Europe’s largest heating manufacturer, winning countless awards over the decades. Although designed in Germany, the Vaillant UK head office and factory are in Derbyshire.
Our Vaillant boiler range includes the classic Ecotec Plus for larger properties needing higher hot water flow rates. The little brother to the Ecotec Plus is the Pro model. Until recently, it is one of the most common combi boilers in the UK. For those with less space, head to the little cupboard fitting Ecofit Pure and rear flue.

The Ideal Boiler Range

Probably, the most popular boiler manufacturer for new build properties, landlords and younger families. Since the introduction of the Ideal Logic in 2009 and the Ideal Vogue in 2013, this brand has become an installer’s favourite that is easy to install and service.
Homeowners can expect more power and more warranty for their hard-earned money. Also, having one of the largest fleets of service vans in the UK, homeowner support is fantastic when needed.
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Our Service

We offer bespoke packages through our innovative home or telephone survey to ensure the best options are available to you. Call 0800 170 1889, and our expert team will talk you through the process. Remember, you can also visit our showroom for a consultation and discuss your needs! Call us today to arrange a home visit or get a quote on the phone.

New Boiler Installation in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and beyond!

If you are looking for a new boiler installation in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Barnsley, Doncaster and beyond, don’t hesitate to call us for no-obligation advice at 0330 999 1889.

Understanding Boiler Installations

Now that is a big subject! Thankfully having installed well over a thousand boilers in the Sheffield area, our team is pretty good at explaining boiler installation best practices to the local community. Over the coming months, we will be re-writing our Homeowner’s Guide to boiler installation. We originally wrote this guide in 2016, but as with everything, the heating industry has moved on since then. Whilst our marketing team put this together, we want to share the two most significant changes to building regulations in recent years. Those are 2018’s Boiler Plus and 2022’s Part L for energy efficiency.

Understanding Boiler Plus

Changes within building regulations that affect the heating industry are usually intended to improve energy efficiency within our properties. Changes to Building regs Part L in 2018 introduced the “Boiler Plus” requirement that every new Boiler installation must have one of the following four “plus” technologies installed with the new boiler.
  • PFGHRD (Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device) there are not many of these systems in use.
  • Weather compensation – an outdoor thermostat that modulates the heating flow temperature based on the outdoor temperature. I.e. helping the boiler run slightly cooler when the weather outside is milder.
  • Smart control – normally in the form of a programable thermostat that is connected to the internet and provides automation and optimisation of the heating demand. The most common device in this catorgary is the Google Nest Learning thermostat.
  • Load compensation – the lowest priced option and also most common is a boiler plus level programmable thermostat with load compensation. Load compensation allows the boiler to modulate the flow temperature from the boiler based on the actual room temperature. We usually recommend Honeywell T3R & T6R programable thermostats.

Understanding Part L Boiler Protection

Protecting boilers with magnetic filters has been the best practice since the beginning of the 2000s. However, until now, boiler protection has only been advisable. The more prominent boiler manufacturer’s started extending warranties to boilers if installed with their magnetic filters a few years ago. However, the homeowner could still decline to have the filter protection installed.
However, things move on eventually. The main change to boiler installation practices in 2022’s update to Part L is the mandatory use of magnetic filters to protect heating systems and save fuel. Lowering carbon emissions and saving the world is everyone’s responsibility. But knowing that this simple technology will prolong the boiler’s life and reduce fuel bills is a win-win situation.
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The Sheffield Boiler Knowledge Vault

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Frequently Asked questions

We recommend boiler cover to help ensure your boiler is covered to help you avoid those cold nights and freezing showers. We’ll make sure your boiler is in top working condition all year round with our annual service. Having your boiler serviced annually also keeps your warranty valid. That means if you have any issues with the boiler, you’ll be covered by your warranty and won’t have to pay for any repairs. An annual check can also ensure that your boiler is as energy-efficient as possible.
If the Sheffield Boiler People / Hallamshire Energy have installed the boiler, we will offer you the service plans as part of the installation.
If, however, Sheffield Boiler People have not installed the boiler, we will require to complete a pre-plan Building regulations inspection. This will be a free of charge service when booked with our Standard Boiler Service. If all is as expected, we will offer a suitable service plan.