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How we do business –

What our customers need to know in 7 minutes!

Here is your small, easy-to-read overview of how we do business.

It’s not written in small print, boring legal jargon, just simple answers to the most frequent questions. Below, we have compiled the most important information our customers ask for during and after a boiler installation. 

We know you are busy, so we have written this in a way that we would like to read it and hope it covers everything you need to know before choosing the company that will complete the required work. 

Central Heating Installation

Accepting the quotation

When accepting the quote, please reply directly to the email sent.

Once the deposit has been made via bank transfer or card payment, we will agree upon an installation date suitable for you. Before accepting our quotation and paying the required deposit, please read our full Terms & Conditions on the link above..

Installation Payments – 

Preferred option via Bank Transfer, no Cheques, please  

We will now require a 50% deposit payment to ensure that your boiler, parts and materials are available on time. Please be aware that the UK heating industry still struggles with supply issues. A swift deposit payment will allow us to secure the boiler and installation date. 

The remaining balance is to be paid fully on completion of the installation. 

The boiler, its warranty/guarantee and all materials remain the property of Hallamshire Energy Services Ltd until the balance is paid in full. 

On full payment, we will arrange for the manufacturer’s warranty/guarantee & register the Installation with Gas Safe. 

Our preferred method of payment is via BACS Bank Transfer.

The bank account details will be sent along with the quotation.

Please call the office during our regular opening hours if you prefer to speak to us and pay over the phone.

Payment terms for Private Landlords 

Our payment terms for private landlords unable to attend the property for survey or completion will be 100% of the expected invoice.

Payment Terms for Estate Agents

If the customer is a property or estate agent, the terms are the same as dealing directly with homeowners and private landlords. We require a 50% deposit and payment the following day after the completion of work. 

Notes on cleansing and protecting the system

The building regulations require that all new boiler installations require chemical treatment and flushing of the heating system before commissioning the boiler. 

The new building regulations Part L has now built on previous recommendations for cleansing and boiler protection and now 

requests that all new boiler installations are protected via a magnetic filter. The cleansing of the heating system in Part L is “standard practice” and not considered the “best practice” of power flushing the heating system. Depending on the size of the property and the type of power flushing technique applied, the cleansing of the heating system could take between 2-6 hours and cost between £200-£800 in labour and additional chemicals.

However, the system’s water condition can vary from house to house, so it would be incorrect to assume that all homes require the same level of system cleansing. Your quotation includes building regulations and “standard practice” cleansing; however, we always advise choosing a higher level of cleansing if the budget allows it.

If your existing heating system has cold radiators or “cold spots”, we will need to adopt the highest level of cleansing to protect the boiler and deliver improved energy efficiencies.

Boilers installed in lofts & building regulations 

When a boiler is installed in a loft area, the following three requirements will also be required to meet building regulations and ensure that the manufacturer’s warranty is valid.

There must be a supporting floor to and under the boiler with lighting and a permanent ladder for access. Ideally, for safety reasons, these building requirements must be put in place before a boiler installation. If the current boiler has broken down and people are cold, we will be able to provide temporary access ladders and lighting.

We will install the boiler with the understanding that the customer provides the above immediately after the boiler installation. The manufacturer’s engineers will refuse to work in areas unsafe and void your warranty if this is not put in place.  

Vertical flue installation through roofs 

Hallamshire Energy Services Ltd will use a third-party roofing contractor for all pitched roof vertical flue installations. We advise using a kitchen fitter for kitchens, a heating engineer for boilers and a roofer for roofing work. 

Materials we use

We will only install boilers manufactured to the highest level of reliability. 

Other materials we use to complete the installation will always be of high quality and the most suitable material or fitting for its purpose. 

Before accepting our quotation, please specify if you have any preference or special requirements for the materials we use, as specific materials & fittings will affect the overall cost of the installation, increasing the cost of the final quotation. 

Old boilers, cylinders, plastic tanks & general rubbish

Our team will remove all metals from the property unless the customer asks not to do so. We partner with a recycling company that will pick up metals from each installation. Please understand that Commercial Vans cannot access local authority recycling sites and that metals are the only waste we can recycle for free. 

Because of this removal of general waste such as cardboard, rubble, plastics, old heating controls, and the boiler-protecting Polystyrene packaging (Baxi, Glowworm, Vaillant & Worcester) will be left with one or two large rubble bags at the end of the installation. 

Condensate blockage issues & Freeze Protection 

Your new Condensing boiler produces slightly acidic water that must run into a suitable waste water pipe. The most common problem after the installation has been the condensate pipe having some form of a blockage further down the line, generally on an internal connection. 

If connecting to an internal waste system, the condense pipe will have to be connected to a 40mm waste pipe, preferably the washing machine standpipe or any other standard 40mm waste pipe after the water trap of each plug hole. If no suitable internal waste is available, we will route the condensate pipe to an external drain using a larger diameter 32 or 40mm waste pipe. An external condensate pipe can freeze, so the installation team will assess onsite the best route for the pipe to avoid freezing, blockages and water backing up the pipeline. 

What to Expect from an Experienced Heating Engineer

As you will see from reading our customer feedback, we tend to get rated 5 stars. Customer satisfaction has always been our aim since we started trading, and our customer’s complete satisfaction will remain the number one priority. However, we would like to point out that the installation team are Gas Engineers and not experienced or qualified to lay carpets, fix electrics, carry out roof work, build boxing to hide pipes, fix kitchen units, brick up old flue holes or any other job that is not normally required of a Gas Engineer.

We quote for the Safe Installation of Gas Heating Systems such as Boilers, Radiators and energy Efficient Controls. 

If you have any additional requirements, please forward them to our office before accepting our quotation. 

Customer hospitality

A hot drink on a cold morning is welcome, but please don’t think the installation team expects a cuppa every hour. 

Cuppa = Brew for you Manchester folks 😉  

If you want to help the team, please create as much extra space around the installation area as possible. More tools and materials nearby will require less time walking back and forth from the van. Saving this time will allow us to spend more time at the end of the day cleaning down the work area and talking you through the installation, ensuring you understand how to use the new boiler and its energy-saving controls. 

Our work Guarantee

We offer a 12-month guarantee on the work ( parts & materials ) we have installed. Where we have connected new equipment such as boilers and controls to your existing system, we will not accept responsibility for repairing or replacing parts of your existing system that later develop faults unless we have been negligent in not realising damage could happen. 

The company does not take responsibility for any other part of the attached system, such as radiators, time switches, thermostats, motorised valves, external pumps, external central heating pumps, external expansion vessels and sanitary areas such as toilets, taps, sanitary pumps, shower valves & shower pumps. 

Leaks on hot water taps & pipework

Hot water taps can also sometimes leak due to the tap’s inability to handle increased water pressures on the new system. Usually, this is resolved by tightening the nut with a spanner. 

New Combi Boilers Upgrading Conventional Gravity Systems 

Please note that if you currently have older gravity systems and want/need to upgrade the system, the property owner and the family living at that property must expect the following.

There are many reasons and advantages for upgrading the system, with just a few disadvantages that must be understood. The existing system will be converted from older plumbing technology that uses gravity to fill the system with water. Modern heating systems are sealed and pressurised.

Upgrading from gravity pressure to a slightly higher system pressure can sometimes cause leaks on joints at any point in the heating or hot water pipework. This occurrence is rare but can happen. 

Our boiler quotations are for replacing the existing boiler and will not cover repairing the attached heating systems or water supplies. If a leak develops during the installation on an accessible joint, we will fix the joint as part of the installation. However, if a leak occurs in an inaccessible location, i.e. under floors with no access, or if a radiator develops a leak and needs replacing (extremely rare), we would have to assess and quote for the repair work in addition to the installation work.

Thermostatic showers on Gravity Systems

If you have a thermostatic shower attached to your gravity system, a pump may be installed to feed it with pressurised water. If so, the pump must be removed because it cannot handle the increased water pressure. If this pump is not accessible, i.e. under a floor, you must notify us before any work is carried out. The property owner is responsible for informing the installation company of any attached pumps.

Hot water temperature on Gravity Systems

After installing a combi boiler, you may find that the hot water temperature is lower than the temperature provided with the older system and hot water cylinder. Supplying the water at a usable temperature of 38-45C is far more efficient than storing water at the 65C required by the old water tank. For this reason, boiler manufacturers design their products to heat water 35-40C above the incoming mains water. 


Cold water storage tanks on Gravity Systems 

Smaller tanks that can fit through the loft hatch will be removed from the loft; however, larger cold water storage tanks are typically left in the loft to dry out. Removing the larger tanks requires cutting into quarters to get them down through the loft hatch. These large tanks often have thick, sludgy water trapped in the bottom of the tank after being drained. Cutting the tank into quarters to remove it is likely to damage the carpets & walls below if removed from the loft area. Our best advice is to expect us to remove the large tanks if they are clean and the loft hatch makes removal possible. 

We will inspect the cold water tank on the installation day. If trapped sludge water exists, it will be left safe in situ to avoid damaging the decorated house below.

Square balanced flue block up

We will block/ brick old balanced flues to seal the hole and stop flue gasses from re-entering the property. If the standard block/brick with a sand & cement finish is not the desired finish, the customer will arrange for a third-party bricklayer or stonemason to make any cosmetic changes later. We cannot provide a brick or stone match. 

Your details & customer confidentiality 

To register the work with Gas Safe and ensure the best possible communication before and after the work is completed, we require a full name and email address for every customer. We send our quotes and correspondence via email to speed up the quotation process. We must also contact you each year when the annual boiler service or gas safety check is due. 

These details are for company use only and will not be shared with any third party. If you do not have an email address, we will require you to provide either a friend’s or a family member’s email address. 

Sheffield Boiler People is a Trading name of 

Hallamshire Energy Services Ltd

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